Tuesday, June 19, 2018

oooooooooops! this was supposed to show up in order........

The plan was for Nan to remind us with a refresher course on Gwen Weaver's 
from a workshop we had some years ago. 
We worked the morning on lettering.............
but need another morning to complete it!

With the sad news that our long time member, Joyce Zetterstrom, had passed away just 5 days before her birthday in January, we decided to have a potluck luncheon and tea party in her honour. 

Joyce's quick wit and humour will be missed.
April Workshop
This might have been one of those "you had to be there" moments. Jack Turpin has certainly been an encouragement to members who were not regular journal keepers before the three days we have spent with him. We are now keepers of "Jack Journals".   His enthusiasm for art is definitely infectious!

March 2018

March Workshop

If we thought the workshop with Christy in February was amazing, we were in awe as we worked through just one day with her showing us her 

Once again, her exemplar packet WOWED us! 

It was an overflowing class with so much to do and learn that we all agreed that we would like to have her back for two more days! One could feel the enthusiasm in the room and by the number of homework assignments done so quickly! We have homework to complete before Christy returns early in 2019.

We are looking forward to working with Christy in the new year.

February 2018

Early in February, a group of us were treated to a wonderful 

 with Christy Schroeder from Blaine, Washington.

Participants received a wonderful packet of exemplars - over 30 pages of wonderful! Very detailed with step-by-step instructions, they should be published as a book!

This was a most enjoyable workshop experience to all those who attended and Christy comes highly recommended by the Guild.


Friday, February 16, 2018

January 2018
January is a month we can never count on the weather. Sometimes it snows and we have to cancel so for the last few years we have come up with a program that doesn't require a lot of work by one member to prepare. Awhile ago, it was decided that sending out 'sunshine cards' was something we wanted to continue. And, while our sunshine lady is off enjoying real sunshine in Australia while we shiver here at home, she needed more cards! We made some!

Hope you love them Fay!
November 2017 

Sherry led us through a program looking at Annie Cicale's Shadow Letters. Sherry learned them from Andrea Taylor in Vancouver and had requested permission to show them to us. 

The idea is to determine your light source and shadow accordingly. Sounds easy? not so much to this novice!

Thanks Sherry!