Saturday, August 16, 2008

Summer Luncheon

Thank you Diana for hosting our Summer Luncheon!
As you all know, calligraphers are also great cooks and today was no exception! See what you missed......

Yes, those were Frank's yummy sausage rolls, and many great salads, chicken wings, dips and rolls.

We were celebrating something very special today - I mean other than calligraphy and summer - we sang Happy Birthday to our dear friend Dorothy for her 90th birthday next week!

Here is a picture of the birthday girl and the cake maker extraordinaire!

We missed all of you who were unable to attend. We hope Terry will be fit and ready for our meetings in the fall after his surgery, that Muriel's back is better, and we hope that Nan's Mom is improving, and that Jo's holiday in Alaska is wonderful, that Sandi's visit with her folks went well, and that Anita didn't overheat in the Vernon sunshine. And we hope that everyone else who could not attend, had as great a day as we all did!

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