Tuesday, May 31, 2011

May meeting

Getting Tangled up with Fay!

Zentangles®© have become a huge hit amongst art circles.  Our own Fay has played with them since taking a quick class at Letters of Joy awhile back. If you have received one on an envelope or a card, you know she's taken them to another level. It was a no brainer to have her lead a meeting program about them!

We were each given some Canson mi Tientes paper cut to size 3¼" X 3¼" and instructed in some of the most used doodle bits!   and encouraged to come up with some of our own as well.

Some of what came out of the afternoon were elaborate........

Some were in familiar shapes.......

others were fun!

Some were formal looking!

 And I think we all agreed that the art of "tangling" is entertaining, relaxing and quite an enjoyable thing to do.

Photos by Eileen. Thank you!!
Next up......Workshop with Peter Thornton.....

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