Monday, November 21, 2011

October meeting

The program for the October meeting was looking at NEULAND Nan and Eileen leading the way. It is always good to learn a new lettering style or revisit an old one.  It may not be your favourite one but you don't have to like every one!

Lots of interesting projects were produced during the afternoon.

Nan demonstrating.

Val, Violet, Eileen and Louise watching intently.

 Bev, who long ago decided this was not a favourite hand...

 Jo, working on a card.

 Louise, working hard.

 Margot working on envelopes, a great way to practice.

 Muriel on envelopes as well.

 Pat working on a card.

 Violet practicing.

Win, heads down, practicing.

Thank you to all who attended the meeting and to the photographers in our midst who sent photos for the blog. My apologies for getting behind in posting! that's what a holiday in the UK will do for you I guess! This time, there was not a lot of calligraphy, except for all the work I did for the wedding we attended in Nottingham. We did visit Durham, steeped in calligraphic history with both Cuthbert and Bede's final resting place in the cathedral above the river in this photo.

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