Monday, October 14, 2013

October 2013

The October program was a look at    Pointed Pen Mandalas.
This entailed using a pointed nib (not something everyone was comfortable with!) with either ink, gouache, twinkling H20s, mica paints or whatever the participants brought to write with.

Finetec silver and gold on black Artagain paper

We started with a circle and then a smaller one around the centre and marked points on the edges of both at equal intervals.  Using those marks as a guideline, we drew lines from the outer circle in towards the centre circle. Once we had established those sections, we had to decide on what to use to complete the decorations. 

Finetec Gold on Arches Text Wove

Although just about any fluid will work to render a mandala, I do find that the Finetec gold pans are absolutely wonderful to use with pointed pen. It is almost time to reorder...

Finetec on black Artagain paper

They almost say Christmas card but they are time consuming!!  Enjoy! 

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