Saturday, September 6, 2014


 In July we decided to have a meeting without any business, just fun. Many but not all of us had attended the workshop earlier in the year with Barbara Close and as always, enjoyed all the techniques she shows and shares in her classes.

We decided to revisit them as most of us did not use up all the paper we had cut for the workshop and it was a chance to share them with those members who were unable to attend. 

Using watercolour paper, preferably hot press for the ease of working on a smooth surface, we masked off squares with tape to paint with watercolour or twinkling H20s, pearlescent paints or whatever members had brought to work with.  

Another technique was to "walk" your large broad edged pen across the paper, creating spots for colour and visual interest to letter around. Fine lines can be added in with sumi using twigs, pine cones, etc. 


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