Monday, August 22, 2011

Annual Picnic

August 13th saw about twenty members meeting at Jo's for our annual picnic. As you know, calligraphers are also great cooks and the potluck luncheon was no exception!  Fabulous company, wonderful food and a presentation of our first  "Friend of Alphabeas" certificate.  The day started a bit cool but soon warmed up with full sunshine - a rarity this summer!

Get the important photos up first! just part of the dessert table. The ice cream and cones would come out later!

Yes, those are Frank's famous sausage rolls and Nan's amazing pizza in an hour! along with some barbequed salmon, several salads, sliced chicken, and so much more..

Yes, we do love to share a meal together!

 In no particular day Blogger should make that a topic or I should spend some time trying to figure out how to add multiple photos in my order....

Diana modelling her fabulous find.......her $2 bag that matches her dress quite perfectly!

Dorothy and Jo

Eileen and Margot

Win and Dorothy with Tracy behind them.
Pat, yes, she was sitting next to me, Bev,and yes I have the ability to crop the photo if I really don't like it, presto!

Rita, Win and Nan enjoying lunch and a chat.

Trevor with Muriel, a recent birthday celebration brought out the milestone glasses!

Louise, Kathleen, Trevor and Muriel

Diana and Dorothy

Frank presented Dorothy with a 'Friend of Alphabeas' certificate

Diana, Dorothy and Bev (certificate calligrapher)

Happy Dorothy! an official Friend of Alphabeas! always welcome to attend all of our functions.

Friend of the guild certificate

Another annual event over for another year. Up next is our September meeting, the program is carving eraser stamps. And the new Broad Edge will be 'hot off the presses'!

Thanks to Eileen and Fay for the photos!

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