Monday, August 22, 2011

August workshop

Jo, Wilma and Terry
On August 9th, we had a workshop at Jo's Cottage Book Arts Studio. Each student chose a kit to make, with Jo there to help wherever it was needed.  Most chose the box kit which was amazing when completed.  However, one day wasn't quite enough time so the participants in the workshop chose to arrive early for the annual picnic to give themselves time to complete the project.

As you can see on the work table, every kit has all the necessary items, including glue, to make the project.

All too soon the others started to arrive!  Nan, Fay, Joyce and Wilma are joined by Muriel, Dorothy and Diana

Jo was on hand to help even though she had yet to pack for her upcoming flight!

Nan, Fay, Joyce, Jo, Wilma and Terry

The boxes take shape!

Good thing there are detailed instructions to consult!
Frank had decided to make a book; showing Kathleen.

If you need any decorative papers, bookbinding or box kits, please don't forget that Jo has it all at Cottage Books Arts.  Everyone seemed very happy with their creations! Labour intensive workshop but so worth it! There are going to be some happy recipients of the fabulous boxes made!

Thanks to Fay and Eileen for the photos!

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