Saturday, June 8, 2019


Hoping to offer  KERRI FORSTER  a taste of Spring on our weekend in February, that wasn't to be but we did have a wonderful workshop even with snow falling! Kerri shared with us her techniques with a FOLDED PEN. 

'Gymnastics with a pen!' with a lot of pen manipulation, and positional changes for each stroke.  I overheard comments from some participants, 'I have taken several classes working with folded pens, but this is the first time an instructor has explained it so I understood." 

We created muscle memory learning the strokes, made some ugly marks but slowly, the good marks emerged. While black ink really makes you look at your strokes, we did work with white and colour too. 

Even though Kerri recommended the John Neal N30 Folded Ruling Pen, we did not all have that particular nib. It didn't seem to be a problem that some were using Yukimi's choice, the New Horizon Nib, some different Tim's pens and some were using homemade nibs from one of our programs. Kerri made it all work.

We found Kerri to be an excellent instructor and enjoyed the weekend immensely. She anticipated the needs of all her students which was so helpful. She visited everyone's work station several times as well as demonstrating at her own desk.

To use my friend Catherine's words, the weekend was STONKINGLY BRILLIANT! except the part where it was snowing to and from the Abbotsford Airport.....  even with the snow, it was warmer than Calgary, and to think I used to walk 12 blocks to school when I was growing up there! Glad it was Kerri returned to the prairies and not me!

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