Saturday, June 8, 2019


We were pleased to have  SUZIE BERINGER  from Bellingham, WA, teach for us again. I have long admired her gorgeous 
 and Suzie agreed to share them with us.

Starting with pencil, and some warm-up exercises, we soon moved onto Roman Capitals. For some, this was a revisit, for others, new material. It was all good.

Once your are comfortable with the letterforms, you can manipulate them to suit the moment. 'We took a line for a walk'.

We worked using a liner to give us pages of a book. When we used TEXT WOVE or BLACK INGRES, they were of a size to 'tip' into our pages. Using Yukimi's method for making a book from workshop pages and notes, we organized our sheets and glued them together. We have a great reminder of our weekend with Suzie and a great addition to our workshop library. THANKS SUZIE!  

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