Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Yes! the long awaited Christmas party blog! Eileen has generously shared her pictures of the event so that Fay and John can see what they missed.

We were invited to see Rita's new home and even without a kitchen it is lovely and will be even nicer when it has been completed! We managed just fine without an oven or a fridge. Thank you Rita for hosting our annual Christmas luncheon! You just know calligraphers always eat well when they get together! Saturday was no exception.

It was a very cold day and snow threatened but held off until we were all safely back in our own homes. It would have been quite tragic if we had had to postpone or cancel.....we prefer to leave that for our January meeting!

Win on Santa's knee!

Wilma with Santa!

Violet and Santa Frank!

Val and Santa!

Rita and Trevor.....

Terry and Santa Frank!

Marilyn on Santa's knee!

Margot with Santa!

Joyce discussing whether or not she's been good......!

Trevor's turn next year!

Rita and Santa Frank, we know she's not been good!

Trevor and Santa Frank!

Nan and Santa!

Nan and Kathleen - thank you for the newsletter!

Muriel with Santa!

Marilyn and Jean

Jo on Santa's knee!

Kathleen with Santa!

Eileen and Santa!

Diana and Santa!

Bev and Violet

Anita with Santa Frank!

Eileen and Wilma

I'm not sure what I have done differently this time, but I apologise for the long line of photos instead of a mixture of layouts!

We hope you all have a wonderful Christmas Season! and that you receive your incredible cards very soon.......they've all been mailed with your newsletters!