Saturday, July 25, 2009

Beat the heat?

If you are spending a bit of time at your computer trying the beat the heatwave, here are some interesting websites to spend a bit of time looking through. .......nice to see what others are doing .......eye candy .......lots of interesting articles here

What are you doing to beat the heat?! comments welcome!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Summer Luncheon at Fay's

At one point in the week, I saw a forecast of cloudy for Saturday. That would be ok, cloudy and warm, we could go with that. Then I saw it was going to rain the whole weekend - my husband's dream but not great for an outdoor luncheon! the weather network must have gotten us mixed up with back east somewhere, maybe Hamilton ;o) Finally, all the weather reports aligned and we were given a cloudless, hot, sunny day!

Thank you to Fay and Eileen for these photos. They are in no particular order as that would make me have to think and plan this!! Thank you to Jo for bringing the gazebo/shade which was well used. Too bad the thing didn't fold up as easily as it went up! Did you find out how to do it in the end Jo?

Thank you very much to Fay for sharing her home and garden with us for our summer get together! and Thanks to everyone who brought delicious things to share at lunch. Calligraphers do know how to eat well!

Eileen and Val

The sun shade protecting some from the incredible sunshine!

This might look very bright under the "gazebo" but I had to brighten it up before posting as you couldn't really see Joyce, Margot, Wilma and Frank very well!

Muriel looking fit and ready to travel!

Violet and Bev

Val sharing some birthday cards with Dorothy and Diana

Jo, fresh back from her trip which included a visit with Kay in Regina!

It has oft been said, "When I grow up, I want to be just like Joyce", great attitude! sharp dresser! but hmmmm, I think this was Diana's yellow purse, not Joyce's! even though it looks lovely with her summery outfit!!

Wilma and Frank enjoying some Cuban Rum Cake. You had to be there, if I do say so myself, it was pretty tasty!!

Violet, Bev and Jo enjoying some rays.

Dorothy, Fay and Muriel enjoying a giggle!

Dorothy and Nan in deep conversation :o)

Diana and Joyce looking very summery!

Val, Diana, Dorothy and Muriel

Jo, Rita, Fay, Nan, Joyce and Margot

Yes, we should have thought to take a photo of the table ladened with food! maybe next time. It was all very good, of course! did you doubt it?!
We hope Terry is feeling better and over the illness that kept him away from the lunch. We send our good thoughts to Jean and her son and hope that his condition improves daily. And, everyone else who missed it because of travel, we hope you are home safely and that you had a wonderful time whatever you were doing on Saturday afternoon. Hope you enjoy seeing our afternoon John. We haven't heard from you for awhile and wonder if you are recuperating ok.

Next up is our workshop with Lorraine Douglas in September. If you haven't registered, please do so in the next short while as I must open it up to non members very soon. We want this one to go!! Lorraine makes fabulous cards and will be sharing two days worth with us.

Remember the Broad Edge deadline approaches! better get those articles written and in the hands of the newsletter committee!

Happy Summer!