Saturday, January 10, 2009

January Meeting - a Paper Bag Book

It was a heads down and get it done sort of program! Bev had cut all the paper for the project and explained or suggested some ways to do each of the pages......... Rita and Wendy working on their books.

There was lots of discussion about it! Louise is rolling up some double sided tape which makes it so much easier to stick down some ribbon on a couple of the pages.

Eileen and Marilyn

Marilyn and Val finding it much easier to stand to work...

Margot, Val and Joyce

Muriel and Diana

Jean paused for a moment.

Even with my Christmas present camera, apparently I shouldn't be trusted to take the photos as I missed several people who really were there! Sorry Nan, Terry and Kathleen! Did I miss anyone else?

Our homework for next meeting is to complete the books and bring them in for Galleria. And, of course, as our meeting in February is on the 14th, we are to bring a handmade Valentine to exchange as well.

See you there!


Well done us! there are thirty three pieces hanging at the Tswwassen Art Centre. They will be there for the month of January.

Thanks to everyone who helped hang the exhibition and Thanks to Eileen for the photos!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Pssssst! new exhibitions pieces were due to be hung today!

We found a great way to deliver our new exhibitions pieces to Diana! Enjoy a little lunch together! We highly recommend this method.

Missing from photos are Diana and Bev - Bev had the camera so obviously no photos taken of her camera loathing self!!