Friday, June 7, 2013

So much for that New Year's Resolution!

Our May meeting featured one of our members, Rita, showing us how she approaches Pointillism.  Rita has done some wonderful watercolour work and I am the proud owner of one of her lovely pointillism paintings. 

Rita gave us pieces of watercolour paper cut to the size of bookmarks and had us design a letter to which we added colour, either watercolour with a brush or fine monoline pens. 

The exercise gave us all a much better understanding and respect for the amount of work that goes in to a whole landscape!

Our April meeting was presented by Anita.  She was sharing something she learned with Ewan Clyaton - "Push - Dab - Flick".  We used Automatic Pens or something similar and worked through several exercises to get the feeling of the movement in calligraphy.

At the March meeting saw members led by Nan who shared some quick layout exercises learned from Thomas Hoyer.  Participants worked with monoline tools on pre-cut  4"X6" practice paper.

Our February meeting had us all exploring Ruling Pens with Nan, Eileen and Bev demonstrating different ideas and techniques with different ruling and folded pens and walnut ink. We worked on practice paper and text wove with walnut ink.  I aspire to be able to do this alphabet.....I wish I knew where I found this exemplar floating around on the internetDoes anyone know who did this so I can give them recognition?

At the January meeting, we worked on a monoline alphabet Bev found in a recent Letter Arts Review. It was done by Thomas Ingmire and caught her eye as something we might like to play with and add to our repertoire.  We worked with monoline tools or soft pencils - 2B or 3B adding some pressure and release on practice paper.

example from Letter Arts Review

Bev's attempt at an pressure and release exemplar
using the lettering in a quote