Monday, November 21, 2011

November meeting

Hang on Every Word
The craft / lettering program for November used both our lettering skills and our crafting abilities. We created Christmas word hangings.  But first, Fay demonstrated how to make paper beads so that we would have some added interest and textures in our projects.

Violet's paper beads drying

Bev demonstrated a new product she found in Bellingham at Stampadoodle, a magnetic ruler and magnetic cutting mat that makes precise cutting so much easier as the ruler also holds the paper in place.  A related product is a ruler with attachable cutters which will make long decorative cuts, perforations, and scoring, all but eliminating the need for all those decorative scissors we have all dutifully purchased over the years!

Kathleen then explained what we would be doing and showed us the hangings created by the program committee members.

And then it was our turn to play and create a hanging word for Christmas...

 big discussion going on here...

 Jo making some paper beads and adding clear polish as the finishing touch.

 Eileen's almost done.

 some examples of what we did

 Frank and Wilma 


 Margot and Joyce

 Rita's in progress

And there you have it! Thank you to my faithful photographers for the pics. Thanks for the program! and we'll see you all at the Christmas luncheon at Win's. Well, I'll be thinking about all of you exchanging holiday cards, enjoying a scrumptious potluck lunch while I walk along the seaside in Playa del Carmen, Mexico.

If anyone is looking for something to do on December 3rd between 2 and 4 p.m., pop by Opus in Langley for the demonstration. Bev will be showing how to dismantle and reconstruct your parallel pen and how to use it for decoration and lettering.  The demo will also feature how to create templates for envelopes using mylar. It will be an interactive demo so bring your scissors and a pencil!

October meeting

The program for the October meeting was looking at NEULAND Nan and Eileen leading the way. It is always good to learn a new lettering style or revisit an old one.  It may not be your favourite one but you don't have to like every one!

Lots of interesting projects were produced during the afternoon.

Nan demonstrating.

Val, Violet, Eileen and Louise watching intently.

 Bev, who long ago decided this was not a favourite hand...

 Jo, working on a card.

 Louise, working hard.

 Margot working on envelopes, a great way to practice.

 Muriel on envelopes as well.

 Pat working on a card.

 Violet practicing.

Win, heads down, practicing.

Thank you to all who attended the meeting and to the photographers in our midst who sent photos for the blog. My apologies for getting behind in posting! that's what a holiday in the UK will do for you I guess! This time, there was not a lot of calligraphy, except for all the work I did for the wedding we attended in Nottingham. We did visit Durham, steeped in calligraphic history with both Cuthbert and Bede's final resting place in the cathedral above the river in this photo.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

September Meeting

Carving Eraser Stamps
with Violet Smythe

Although I wasn't able to stay for the program part of the meeting, I do have photos and the exemplars from that day. It was a very long time ago that I first took a class on eraser stamp carving, 1987 Calligraphy Northwest to be exact! The methods haven't changed much, perhaps the addition of being able to use carbon based photocopies to transfer images has opened up a new source of images.

Good to remember when you are making alphabet stamps is that when you trace them using a tracing paper and pencil method, you will trace the letter and then turn it over onto the eraser or plastic block you are cutting to transfer the image, which reverses the letter. When you stamp the image, it prints correctly.

The homework assignment was to decorate a white gift bag with letters &/or image rubber stamps that were carved at the meeting.
 Diana getting a head start on her homework!

Margot showed her carved image.

 Some bags decorated by Violet.

Nan, Fay and Joan busy creating at the meeting!

 Some examples of stamps carved from Safety Kut, a plastic block especially for carving.

 Wilma, Frank and Margot hard at work!

.Thank you to Violet for these photos.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Annual Picnic

August 13th saw about twenty members meeting at Jo's for our annual picnic. As you know, calligraphers are also great cooks and the potluck luncheon was no exception!  Fabulous company, wonderful food and a presentation of our first  "Friend of Alphabeas" certificate.  The day started a bit cool but soon warmed up with full sunshine - a rarity this summer!

Get the important photos up first! just part of the dessert table. The ice cream and cones would come out later!

Yes, those are Frank's famous sausage rolls and Nan's amazing pizza in an hour! along with some barbequed salmon, several salads, sliced chicken, and so much more..

Yes, we do love to share a meal together!

 In no particular day Blogger should make that a topic or I should spend some time trying to figure out how to add multiple photos in my order....

Diana modelling her fabulous find.......her $2 bag that matches her dress quite perfectly!

Dorothy and Jo

Eileen and Margot

Win and Dorothy with Tracy behind them.
Pat, yes, she was sitting next to me, Bev,and yes I have the ability to crop the photo if I really don't like it, presto!

Rita, Win and Nan enjoying lunch and a chat.

Trevor with Muriel, a recent birthday celebration brought out the milestone glasses!

Louise, Kathleen, Trevor and Muriel

Diana and Dorothy

Frank presented Dorothy with a 'Friend of Alphabeas' certificate

Diana, Dorothy and Bev (certificate calligrapher)

Happy Dorothy! an official Friend of Alphabeas! always welcome to attend all of our functions.

Friend of the guild certificate

Another annual event over for another year. Up next is our September meeting, the program is carving eraser stamps. And the new Broad Edge will be 'hot off the presses'!

Thanks to Eileen and Fay for the photos!