Saturday, October 9, 2010

Lorraine Douglas Workshop

October 3 & 4 saw many of our members enjoying two wonderful days with Lorraine Douglas of Sydney by the Sea, on Vancouver Island.

Day one.......

Our first day was spent exploring the lettering of Frank Lloyd Wright.  This is a monoline, upper case alphabet used by Frank on his drawings and blueprints.  I found it very interesting how similar in style his lettering is to that of Charles Rennie MacIntosh, the two working at the same time an ocean apart.


We started with the lettering and worked on several projects during the day.  Some of us were more productive than others, Trevor.

heads down, working hard!!
Sandi, Trevor and Kathleen

Margot, Eileen and Carolynn


Lorraine (standing), Carolynn, Eileen and Margot

We were given several haiku poems to choose from to letter around our artwork on watercolour paper.

It is always fun to see how different people treat the same words.

I've decided to only give you a 'taste' of what we did on Day one.........see the December newsletter for more!

Day two.....

Cards, cards, cards and more cards! After an exhausting day on Sunday, Monday promised to be even more packed full of ideas!

We started by decorating a couple of feet of rice paper (laid on wax paper to prevent sticking to the table top!) We splashed on colour from a variety of palettes, added gel pen, 'smooch' spots, 'smooch' spritzes, coloured pencil - you get the idea, anything goes really! and then we set that aside to dry.

Lorraine demonstrated many card ideas throughout the day and it was our duty to try and keep up! There was barely enough time to take a lunch break!  We cut, we embossed, we folded, we blow-dried, we decorated, we many ideas, so little time!  Each day could easily have been stretched to fit two days.  Our workshop fees included 6 pre-made blank cards and envelopes and 2+ sheets of Canson mi tientes paper. We made a folder to put the cards into using Canson and Lorraine cut some of our third sheet of Canson into smaller workable pieces for two or three projects - saving us some cutting time so we could get more done! We used a variety of embroidery thread, 'junk', beads, etc to decorate cards and projects and one large button on the stationery folder.  A very full day of fun and friendship. It was so nice to see everyone!!

to all who attended the workshops!

some examples of our cards

more cards!

Pat, Cheryl and Barb

Lorraine and Pat showing Pat's decorated rice paper

the beginnings of a pop up card with many steps to add things to

Jean and one of Frank's famous cream puffs!!
Thank you Frank for making trays for both upstairs and downstairs! no calories again, right?

after a couple of tries to capture the perfect group shot..........

we did it!!
Thank you Eileen for sharing your photographs!

Thank you Lorraine for sharing all your ideas and knowledge!! and the demonstration of your kevlar glove!