Sunday, October 18, 2009

October Meeting part one

After our business meeting, if we are not stitching together our newsletter, we have Galleria. Several times a year it is an assigned theme and the other months it is something that has been generated out of a previous program, homework, if you will.

The Galleria for October was to have finished your book made in June with Louise and filled it with something. Here is the collection of completed books set out for viewing.

Margot leads us through the Galleria each time.

I am not sure who this belongs to, it looks like a great travel journal!

Rita showing her finished book.......great flowers by our artist!

See! the pictures loaded first try in this entry but flatly refused to load for the next entry, which originally was the first........
Finally! with so much on this past week, I am finally down to the blog on my list of "to do"! Thank you very much to Kathleen for sending the pics right away after the meeting!! For whatever reason today, I am having a bit of trouble adding photos to the blog. There are still four more that refuse to load. I thought I had this all figured out and then it throws me something I don't know how to fix!! It might just be that I have to do the other four in another blog entry. They, of course, are the first four I wanted to show you! isn't that always the way?!

This was part of the Galleria, ably led my Margot. The books were made in June with Louise and they were part of the homework for the summer..... fill those books with something, suggested it might be a good travel journal. Here is Violet showing her book and on her right is Janice Woodland who was leading the October program for us.

Nan's book.....lots of letters!

Fay explaining how she has been using expired calendar pages in her work.

another page of Fay's

Can you believe how much Marilyn's grandsons have grown?! wasn't it just a bit ago that Rhonda brought a tiny baby to the meeting?

Let the fun begin!! the program, led by Janice Woodland, "tag book". Here are Joyce and Janice with Margot in the background.

I had to leave before the program began to attend a funeral.
It looks like the packets of materials exploded and took over everyone's workspace!
Kathleen with Rita to her right......

Jean, concentrating! Fay distracting Eileen, Val and Anita busy.

Fay will always share her grandchildren and or travel pictures! Eileen, Val and Anita.

and finally, a photo I have tagged as "The Bridesmaids". I think you had to be there!!

Thank you very much to Janice for teaching this book structure! looks like everyone had a great time. I haven't even had a chance to peak in the bag but I really must do that before the November meeting.

November - Copperplate with Joyce!
if you do not have an oblique nib holder, let me know, I have several and could share.