Thursday, September 18, 2014


The weather in September cooperated so that the program could be held outside.  Nan and Fay helped everyone with creating Paste Paper.

 such concentration!


We have been having a picnic the last few years in the one of the two months that we don't meet for lettering (the other being December and the Christmas luncheon). This year we decided to have it in Redwood Park in Surrey because it was the tenth anniversary of us having lost one of our members, Diana Haines. Another group of her friends have placed a bench in her honour at the park and we thought it fitting to have our picnic close by that location. 

 In celebration of
Diana Elizabeth Haines
Trust in the circle. To end is to begin.

As with every potluck event, calligraphers do know how to cook and eat well! It was also Trevor's birthday so we even had birthday cake! Hope you enjoyed your day Trevor. Even though it was a warm day, we were shaded by a large tree - the park is all about trees planted by two brothers many years ago. There are some interesting species within the park.  

 Happy Birthday Trevor!
with Kathleen and Shannon

 Great selection for lunch.

 Win, Rita and Terry


 Margot and Trevor

 Eileen has an iPad, it just won't be the same
seeing her without her camera!

Lunch lineup!

 Trevor and Fay. 
ask Fay about this one!

A wonderful day for the 13 of us who were able to attend and I think the consensus of opinion was to meet at the park again next year but perhaps try and get a table closer to the parking lot.

Saturday, September 6, 2014


 In July we decided to have a meeting without any business, just fun. Many but not all of us had attended the workshop earlier in the year with Barbara Close and as always, enjoyed all the techniques she shows and shares in her classes.

We decided to revisit them as most of us did not use up all the paper we had cut for the workshop and it was a chance to share them with those members who were unable to attend. 

Using watercolour paper, preferably hot press for the ease of working on a smooth surface, we masked off squares with tape to paint with watercolour or twinkling H20s, pearlescent paints or whatever members had brought to work with.  

Another technique was to "walk" your large broad edged pen across the paper, creating spots for colour and visual interest to letter around. Fine lines can be added in with sumi using twigs, pine cones, etc. 



Note to self: do not try to compose blog posts when you are tired. They disappear!

We offered two programs in June. 

One was a well organized mini workshop with Violet working with NEULAND.

They used in and gouache to write with, pastels, markers, gel pens and coloured pencils to decorate with and then the secret ingredient.....BLEACH!
There was even some gilding going on, using foil and gold leaf. 

The other program offered took place at Jo's where eight members met and made cards to give to our Sunshine Lady, Joyce, to use for those Thinking of You and Get Well Soon moments. I think we made about 50 cards or more! Sadly, I think the photos taken that day were on Jo's camera and they may well have gone travelling with her to the UK! 


Our May meeting program was a 'round robin' kind of day.  We had four different stations for members to work at and they did not disappoint.

Patricia is a whiz at making a layered card using your own art work.  It is a little complicated until you get the hang of it.

Jo led members through a heart card.  Nan and Fay showed everyone how they make all their envelopes out of old calendar pages, tissue paper and painted paper. And Val demonstrated her Big Shot machine. It certainly does a lot for papercrafts!


The program in April was a continuation of a previous meeting. Anita shared with us more of what she learned in a class with Ewan Clayton at Calligraphy Northwest. 

P U S H   -   D A B   -   F L I C K

It was explained that this teaching was based on the work of Rudolph Laban, a pioneer of modern dance. 
Ewan adapted his system to encourage a deep awareness of calligraphic stroke quality and possibility.  We tried to interpret his analysis of movement with force, direction and speed in eight combinations with our stroke making.