Thursday, July 8, 2010

How our Exhibition works....

This seems like as good a place as any to post this information for our members...

The Exhibition year is from October to May (8 months)( unless we happen to have a venue that runs into summer months).

It is a Calligraphy Exhibition of pieces done by members of the Alphabeas Calligraphy Guild.

A member can enter more than 1 piece into the Exhibition.

There is NO theme for this Exhibition, but the emphasis should be on calligraphy.

Each piece entered is to be matted and framed by the member who enters it.

Each new piece entered should have the 2 Exhibition Entry forms* to accompany it.

As of 2009

The Alphabeas Calligraphy Guild Executive decided that the Alphabeas Exhibition is to be on a 2 year rotation of exhibition pieces to be shown at 6 different venues - 3 venues the 1st year and 3 new venues the 2nd year. The reason for the 2 year rotation is that most of the listed venues require at least 30 exhibition pieces. It appeared at the time this decision was made that the average number of new pieces received each year was 10 - 15 pieces. Therefore, having the pieces in for 2 years would ensure that there would be enough pieces for each venue.

June meeting

Pieces returned that have been in the Exhibition for 2 exhibition years.

Note: this will work only if there are no Exhibition showings for the months of June, July & August. Should this happen, the 2 year pieces would be returned at the September meeting.

September meeting

Those pieces that have been in the exhibition for one exhibition year will remain the Exhibition for the next year - October to May, their 2nd exhibition year.

New pieces, accompanied by 2 Exhibition Entry forms* are due for the next Exhibition year - October to May, their 1st exhibition year.

*Forms are available from the Exhibition Committee or can be sent to you via email to print out.