Tuesday, August 25, 2009

What did you do last week?

I helped Erin with her friend Joyanna's baby shower. I made her baby book and iced her cake. The theme of the baby shower was "Classic Pooh Bear" and so the cake was made to resemble a beehive. Erin made 60+ cupcakes and dyed coconut green to make them look like a lawn around the beehive.

Jo chose the fabric for her bookcloth and was lucky enough to find some with bees! I am easily amused at the overheard comments made by some of the guests...... "oh, she *made* the book?" "she wrote everything by hand?"

It must be baby week! don't we have two new grandbaby's expected amongst our members?


The start back looms! We have postponed our workshop with Lorraine Douglas which means that we are as usual for September 12th - a meeting with sewing the Broad Edge together and a program. Please bring your regular lettering gear, including some paper at least 8½ X 11 and at least one largish pen.....5 mm should do the trick, along with other smaller sizes. The Zig marker pack would work well for some of the work planned. See you all there!