Friday, April 17, 2009

What have you been doing this week?

If anyone would like to share what they have been working on this week, please send photos and an explanation! I'll put it up to share with others.

I have been working on a guest book for a Celebration of Life this Saturday. I was given some ideas to incorporate....Tom liked restoring old cars, had a collection of bass guitars and liked the colour Plum Crazy Purple - a colour made popular with hot rods and muscle cars in the 70s. I have almost captured it in the binding and the dyed thread I used. The cover is a fibre textured paper I found at Ten Thousand Villages, the text pages are Arches Text Wove, the inside cover is some paste paper that has some metallic purple in the design and the binding is Tyvek dyed with acrylic ink. I lined all the pages iin pencil to make it easier for guests to sign. I used a hard pencil and I don't think most people travel with an eraser in their pocket so I think I'm safe!

My usual two needle binding.

Yes, I had to include a bit of gilding! on this nice monogram I found. Really, the paper is off white but for some reason my camera wants to think it isn't and if I lighten the paper to white, I lose the gilding here.

The dots are instacoll with gold leaf.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

April Meeting

We had a great meeting on Saturday complete with a few birthdays to celebrate. Fay was just home from Australia and received some belated cards.Win and Rita (missing in photo) celebrate April birthdays while Violet looks on.
Look at the size of Galleria this month!!! It took Margot a long time to go through all the items. The assigned theme was to use something with Spring and there were a lot of gilding pieces in progress along with some of the projects Marilyn has been doing whilst recuperating.
Kathleen's gilding using a new favourite colour of gouache......Red Ochre.
Jean Bennett's gilding work.
Kathleen's work on the paper treated with Kaki-shibu (persimmon juice).
The program was Akim lettering and looking at some of the other alphabets that Hans Joachim Burgert introduced to the calligraphic world. We also tried Akim Cursive using a small broad edged nib.

Looking forward to reports of members' classes at Letters of Joy coming up early in May!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

A few more workshop photos

Lots of demonstrations and information from Georgia.

Jo and Bev using the very best light table - sunshine on a window!

All very hard at work......

We all had a great time, and shared many laughs!!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Gilding Workshop

I better get a post up before John emails me!! after all, the workshop finished almost 7 hours ago!

Eighteen of us had an absolutely fabulous two days with Georgia Angelopoulos from Victoria, BC. We had our minds opened up to so many possibilities and we all came away with some wonderful pieces of work or very good starts towards some quality pieces. I am going to post just a sample of pieces of work, one of Georgia's and some of student work. I think I speak for everyone who attended, Georgia is a fantastic teacher and has an incredible wealth of information to give. We need to have her back for more!

Our focus was on the letters in Stockholm Codex Aureus (google it!) and I guess you either love the letters or not! I think they are kind of funky in a 7th century kind of way. Once we got our letters drawn on our hot press 140# watercolour paper, it was time to gild. These photos show the works in progress.

Kay came from Regina!!

Kathleen working on two pieces at once!

Wilma working hard even though her eyes weren't cooperating!

Margot chose to work on one of the treated papers Georgia had prepared for us.

I think this is Jean Bennett's work.

What we all aspire to! Georgia's fabulous work on black paper.

The group of participants!
Thank you very much to Louise for hosting Georgia and to Eileen for picking her up at the ferry and returning her there after the workshop! I hope the sail home to the island was less windy than on Tuesday morning.
Thank you so much Georgia! we love gilding now!! even if there is a lot of clean-up work....