Tuesday, April 14, 2009

April Meeting

We had a great meeting on Saturday complete with a few birthdays to celebrate. Fay was just home from Australia and received some belated cards.Win and Rita (missing in photo) celebrate April birthdays while Violet looks on.
Look at the size of Galleria this month!!! It took Margot a long time to go through all the items. The assigned theme was to use something with Spring and there were a lot of gilding pieces in progress along with some of the projects Marilyn has been doing whilst recuperating.
Kathleen's gilding using a new favourite colour of gouache......Red Ochre.
Jean Bennett's gilding work.
Kathleen's work on the paper treated with Kaki-shibu (persimmon juice).
The program was Akim lettering and looking at some of the other alphabets that Hans Joachim Burgert introduced to the calligraphic world. We also tried Akim Cursive using a small broad edged nib.

Looking forward to reports of members' classes at Letters of Joy coming up early in May!

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CJ Kennedy said...

I wish I lived closer. The gilding is stunning.