Monday, November 26, 2018


Janice did a wonderful job presenting   


The journal ends up being 8" X 10" and 16 pages. There are fold overs on several pages to add interest. 
Using a full sheet of paper, you need to divide the sheet into 3 equal parts 10" high. Tear or cut along the lines. From the left edge of the paper, measure in 16" and fold the left side to that mark. For the left over piece on the right edge, you can either fold in or under. Repeat for the other two pieces of paper. 
Stack the 3 sheets, alternating flap on one side, then the other. Pamphlet stitch the pages together using either 3, 5 or 7 holes. The outside sheet becomes your cover and you can give that flap an extra fold to match the thickness of your book so that the flap folds over the front of the book. You can decide on a closure for the cover. 

It has been interesting to see what others have used their books for. All about the Seattletters Conference in Bellingham, a showcase for eco dyed papers, collage or still pristine like mine!

Thanks Janice!



If you have seen the book   DECORATED LETTERING by JAN PICKETT,   you know that it is a great book but did you notice the embossing segment? 

                             Decorated Lettering by [Pickett, Jan]

Studying the photos and the instructions, I realized that this would be a great idea for my annual book swap and after making about 14 or 15 alphabet books, and cutting every letter out so I had a set of the whole alphabet, I decided it was something the guild members would likely enjoy as well. 

I prefer to design the letter and all the interior pieces that need to be cut out to make up the multi levels, and then cut out the little bits first before cutting out the whole letter. It just seems to me to be easier to manage the cuts without wrecking what I have designed. 

Arches Text Wove is a wonderful paper to use for embossing. I use a piece of wax paper to rub over the back of the paper where I am going to use the embossing stylus. That bit of wax lets the stylus glide better. You still have to be careful when pulling those strokes down or pushing them up!