Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Yes! the long awaited Christmas party blog! Eileen has generously shared her pictures of the event so that Fay and John can see what they missed.

We were invited to see Rita's new home and even without a kitchen it is lovely and will be even nicer when it has been completed! We managed just fine without an oven or a fridge. Thank you Rita for hosting our annual Christmas luncheon! You just know calligraphers always eat well when they get together! Saturday was no exception.

It was a very cold day and snow threatened but held off until we were all safely back in our own homes. It would have been quite tragic if we had had to postpone or cancel.....we prefer to leave that for our January meeting!

Win on Santa's knee!

Wilma with Santa!

Violet and Santa Frank!

Val and Santa!

Rita and Trevor.....

Terry and Santa Frank!

Marilyn on Santa's knee!

Margot with Santa!

Joyce discussing whether or not she's been good......!

Trevor's turn next year!

Rita and Santa Frank, we know she's not been good!

Trevor and Santa Frank!

Nan and Santa!

Nan and Kathleen - thank you for the newsletter!

Muriel with Santa!

Marilyn and Jean

Jo on Santa's knee!

Kathleen with Santa!

Eileen and Santa!

Diana and Santa!

Bev and Violet

Anita with Santa Frank!

Eileen and Wilma

I'm not sure what I have done differently this time, but I apologise for the long line of photos instead of a mixture of layouts!

We hope you all have a wonderful Christmas Season! and that you receive your incredible cards very soon.......they've all been mailed with your newsletters!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

November workshop with Peter Thornton

Layout and Design for the Terrified and Carolingian

Our annual November workshop came early in the month to accommodate a bit of a tour for our instructor, Peter Thornton. We were second on the list after Vancouver and then it was on to Victoria and Duncan.

There have been many requests for Carolingian over the years and Layout and Design is definitely something that should be visited by every guild! L&D for the Terrified was well worth the wait and we were absolutely heads down the whole day Wednesday with many exercises to keep our minds actively engaged. Each day will be written up and appear in our March newsletter, "The Broad Edge".

Our workshop was not without surprises! Member John Worman travelled from his new home in Hamilton, Ontario to be with us for three days and planned to attend our meeting on the Saturday after the workshop. It was a well carried off surprise if I do say so myself!!

John with Fay and Nan.

Peter referred to his table as "the surgery" and it was where you could always go for help and direction.

Heads down and working! Louise and Jo are closest to the camera and seemingly unaware of it!

Fay and Nan


Nan and Kathleen at the 'surgery', Margot, Anita and Jo working hard.

Nan and PeterT

Frank and Wilma with Terry in the distance.

And after the three days, why not celebrate with dinner at White Spot?!

And then it was on to the evening presentation, watching Peter tackle a quote and show us how he would work it out and come up with just the right layout and design.

Thank you John for all the photos!!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Nan and the Carpenter Pencil

The program for our regular meeting in October featured Nan showing us some of what she learned about using the carpenter pencil last year at Island Magic. It was a very successful day and we even managed to address a few envelopes for our newsletter mailout!

Nan helping Wilma with Frank looking on and Rita inspecting her pencil!

One of Nan's pieces done with different pencil
techniques she learned at Island Magic.

Playing with her pencils - by Fay Boyland

Some of the envelopes finished and sprayed with fixative, ready to mail!

Thank you to Eileen London for the great photos!! sure makes blogging easy :o)

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

September meeting

Congratulations to Frank and Wilma Adriaensen on
celebrating their 50th Anniversary!!
Thank you Fay Boyland for the
very delicious cake in their honour!

Our program at the September meeting featured
Trevor Nash leading us through the Uncial alphabet.
Thanks Trevor!!
The mail on date is getting closer for the November workshop! don't miss that date!!

And now on to the October meeting. Sharpen up your carpenter pencils! Nan is going to show us some of the techniques she learned in a class last year. See the newsletter for the supplies you need to bring to the meeting. See you then!!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

September is closing in on us!

That means we have a meeting coming up on the 13th. Kind of like going back to school...a new beginning. The first program back will be Trevor leading us through some Uncials. We need a bit of a refresher for our November workshop with Peter Thornton. We have asked him for

"Layout and Design for the Terrified"

(he uses Uncials in his layout class)

We will also be having a day of "Carolingian".

Watch for the Autumn issue of the Broad Edge for workshop details and the registration form. Bring your regular calligraphy gear to the meeting - nibs, holders, ink, paper, pencil, eraser, ruler and lots of enthusiasm!

The John Neal catalogue will be there in case anyone needs some supplies, we can get an order together.

See you in September!

More birthday photos 2!

Thanks Eileen for sending lots more photos. Here's just a few to enjoy!

Diana, Dorothy, Louise and Krista

Friends and Calligraphers Celebrating #90

The Tea in action!

Were we lucky or what?! the day was gorgeous and now the rain has set in for a few more days.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

More birthday photos!

Thanks Fay for sending more photos from today!

Bev and Kathleen

Win chatting with a friend.

Louise, Eileen, Kathleen and Bev

Happy 90th Birthday Dorothy!!

After being so amazing at Diana's last weekend in not letting on that we would really be celebrating Dorothy's birthday on the actual day, August 23rd, calligraphers were very well represented at the afternoon party!

I am hoping that Eileen captured some pics of Kathleen and Jean. I don't know how I managed to miss them!

More Luncheon photos

Thank you to Eileen for sending some more photos from our guild luncheon at Diana's.

Here is Diana with her mom Dorothy and the basket full of birthday cards for her 90th. Were we good or what?! Dorothy didn't suspect a thing about her real birthday party to be held on August 23rd.

Win, Kathleen and Jean

Trevor, Bev and Jean