Thursday, August 28, 2008

September is closing in on us!

That means we have a meeting coming up on the 13th. Kind of like going back to school...a new beginning. The first program back will be Trevor leading us through some Uncials. We need a bit of a refresher for our November workshop with Peter Thornton. We have asked him for

"Layout and Design for the Terrified"

(he uses Uncials in his layout class)

We will also be having a day of "Carolingian".

Watch for the Autumn issue of the Broad Edge for workshop details and the registration form. Bring your regular calligraphy gear to the meeting - nibs, holders, ink, paper, pencil, eraser, ruler and lots of enthusiasm!

The John Neal catalogue will be there in case anyone needs some supplies, we can get an order together.

See you in September!

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