Thursday, October 4, 2012

Calligraphy Northwest 2012

Several of our members attended the international calligraphy conference in Portland, Oregon this past summer.  "A great time was had by all!!"

The following photos are a sharing of some of us, showing what we saw, what we did and some of those in attendance. 

100 years old in 2012

Reed College campus lake

campus trees
Barb Cowan

Lindsay McArthur

Violet Smythe

Violet Smythe

Violet Smythe

Lindsay and Violet

Note the backpack (arrow pointing to it!) I found the bag from the conference came in quite handy when travelling.  I tried to place this right at the end but blogger refused!

Nan and Eileen

Friday, August 17, 2012

August picnic at Jo's

Our annual August picnic was once again a great day together! As usual, we ate wonderfully well, calligraphers also being amazing cooks! The weather cooperated, a bit warm but gorgeous sun that we aren't complaining about at all after the Spring we had.

Fay, Dorothy and Jo

Trevor, Margot and Terry

Joyce and Kathleen

Jo, Fay and Dorothy

Terry, Rita and Win

Nan and Trevor

Patricia, Bev, Diana and Louise

Louise, Frank and Wilma

Rita and Win

Wilma, Muriel, Fay and Joan
See you in September!!!

Joyce's birthday!

We celebrated Joyce's birthday, a few months late but that didn't make the celebration any less!!

H A P P Y 90TH J O Y C E !!

Joyce with her gift from all of us!

A great time was had by all!!

May Galleria

We had the best 'turnout' of Galleria pieces ever!  The theme was to use a Mark Twain quote or an Oscar Wilde quote.

Funny story, I used an Oscar Wilde quote in my speech at our son Devon's wedding in July. "Be yourself, everyone else is already taken."  I lost count of how many people came up and said they loved my speech and one in particular who said, "I knew the moment you quoted Oscar Wilde that I liked you a lot!" But I digress.........

Here are the entries for the Galleria........I do hope I have photos of everyone's!!!
















Stay tuned for the next assignment for Galleria this fall!!

May and June meetings

Our May and June meetings were a combined project.  We were making an alphabet book using the new Joanne Fink book, "Zenspirations" as a guide to our letters.

a delightful book we all wanted to add to our own collections.  There is also a copy in the guild library.

Our size was limited to the size of a 'tag' and the binding was going to be our choice, suggestions were fibres, binder rings or whatever we decided.  Each of us chose a letter to work on and had to make 26 of them.

We didn't finish them all at our meeting in May and had to finish them up in time for the June meeting or work on them there as well.  What a great variety!

Joan, Win and Rita concentrating, well, two out of three!
Joyce, Muriel and Jean
Terry, Jo and Wilma probably being entertained by Rita!
Fay, Patricia, Wendy and Kathleen
Jean, Frank and Patricia
Jean, celebrating the Queen's Diamond Jubilee

Queen impersonators!

Win, Val and Rita

We had the best showing for our Galleria at the May meeting. I will cover them in another blog post, there are just that many to show you!