Sunday, April 22, 2012

April 2012

The Parallel Pen was the focus of our April meeting.  Bev showed us how to take the pens apart, right down to removing the nib so that the whole pen can be cleaned.  We then worked on pen manipulation and colour blending. The pen is a versatile tool, it writes with a broad edge and also a fine line.

We also did some dry embossing using metal templates. There just wasn't enough time for us all to do it all!

Looking forward to May when we will go through Joanne Fink's new book 'Zenspirations'. It will be the first of two parts of a program to then each decorate letters on tags to fasten together as a book. We also have a galleria assignment due in May - a quote by either Mark Twain or Oscar Wilde.  Hope we have some good examples to show you here!!

March 2012

The March meeting is always a full one as we must first stitch together our newsletter. Yes, we are possible the last guild left to hand stitch our newsletter using a 5 hole pamphlet stitch.

The program portion was a flurry of activity with members creating weathergrams to hang on a branch to give to the church where we have our meetings.

 Kathleen and Rita with the finished weathergrams.
Nice to think that the parishoners might take them home and put them in a tree or shrub in their garden.

 Win, Rita and Nan sharing a moment.

February workshop with Barbara Close

For a couple of days in late February, 18 members got to spend their time playing with all sorts of great art supplies.  Barbara had ventured to the 'cold north' to teach three workshops - we shared her with Duncan and Edmonton.

We chose to have her teach her "Textured Letters" workshop.  Starting most letters with the 'stem', we used alcohol inks, zentangles, coloured pencils, gel pens, watercolours, collage, pan pastels and many more techniques to create texture in our letters.

Wendy commented on Facebook that you know a workshop has been successful when you go home and don't put all your workshop supplies away.  This was most definitely one of those workshops! I still have bits of mylar, yupo and alcohol inks on my workspace. A wonderful time was had by all in attendance!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

February 2012

Our program was presented by Jo Yearsley, a very patient Jo Yearsley! She was leading us through making a tunnel book. Easy enough when you are sitting at your desk, working through instructions. But, anyone who knows this group, knows that some (ok, maybe more than some!) patience is required when we are measuring, folding, cutting circles in varying sizes, etc. Some of us had taken the supply list one step further and cut the circles but sadly, missed the step about diminishing sizes.... folding an accordion perfectly, well more of that 'p' word necessary!!  With all this going on, it wasn't until too late that I realized I had not taken any photos of the books we produced.  My sincerest apologies.

February is an annual Valentine's Card exchange. This year was no different, a lovely selection of handmade cards graced the table.

It has been a busy Spring! hence, the blog has fallen behind. I will endeavour to catch up now and stay current!