Thursday, February 19, 2009

My friend CJ of the famed blog:
has nominated me and our blog for the Kreativ Blogger award.
How cool is that?!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Valentine's Day meeting

The photos this month were taken by Louise Menard. Thank you so much for sending them ! In no particular order, they show us 'playing' with some left over supplies from the workshop we had with Carrie Imai.

First we had to make the full sheet of Opus Student Watercolour paper into something a bit more manageable - a meander book! There just isn't enough room in the classroom we use for everyone to work on the full sheet. Thank you Shereen LaPlantz for having so many ideas for these folded books in her Cover to Cover book!

Using cut up cellulose sponges to create letters, we used acrylic inks, and gouache for stamping. You can see that letters weren't the only thing we stamped.
Nan was having great success with the Pelikan 4001 inks..........
Using Pelikan 4001 inks, we attempted colour blending. I didn't find that the colours we had were that great for the blending we all know and love done by Martin Jackson. Some were able to get good results though. It was decided afterwards that what Carrie used the inks for was to write in a 'rainbow', starting with one colour and moving into the next letter and changing colour, and so on. We had fun trying though! We were using a variety of pens, from Techniquills to Automatic pens and maybe some ruling pens thrown in for good measure.
More stamping with the acrylic inks. Look! Tracy's back!!
We had some tubes of acrylic paint left from the workshop. By squeezing some on our pages and using credit cards and other "tools" we smoothed the paint out and made marks in it.
Even with one of the biggest turnout of members, we still have supplies left! We purchased a full package of paper (25 sheets) and there's one left - must have been for you John!!
Bev demonstrating her lack of ability to make the inks blend!
Kathleen showing some of the techniques from the book we made in Carrie's class.

Violet with her successful sponged letters with Trevor in the background taking notes. Watch for his write up in the June newsletter. Violet was also celebrating her birthday!!
All agreed, a very good meeting with lots of ideas to remember and use in our work!

We look forward to our workshop Gilding with Georgia Angelopoulos from Victoria, coming up March 31 and April 1. We have Jo flying off to the UK and Egypt and Romania and arriving home just in time for the workshop - she's bringing us transfer gold from the UK!!

Our next meeting is March 14th and we will be looking at an alphabet called Cuneiform, led by Anita.