Saturday, September 19, 2009

September Meeting

The September meeting was jam packed with things to accomplish after having the summer off.
The business portion of the meeting always takes about an hour it seems. We are a chatty lot! and then the Fall newsletter was hot off the presses and needing to be sewn together and then put into the envelopes. We had decided at the Executive meeting in the summer that we would try a year without having Galleria on the dates when we sew the newsletter. At least we had that bit of extra time! While everyone ate their lunch, it was time to have our draw to share Diana Haines' studio contents. Her daughter Melanie had said that their Dad asked her to please make sure that I was given her calligraphy things and I immediately said I would share with her friends at Alphabeas. It is hard to believe that Diana has been gone 5 years now and now her husband Don has passed too. There were enough things that we drew all the numbers at least a half dozen times. Everyone present seemed very pleased with their treasures.

And then, it was on to the Program. Remember, we were supposed to have had a two day workshop instead of the meeting so some last minute planning happened when the workshop did not fill. With our focus on calligraphy, it would have been easy to present another lettering style but there is more to it than that! Why not an exercise in design and layout.....

We were each given the same instructions and we got 14 different posters to be used with the upcoming exhibitions.

1. Pop outside and find something to either write with (twig, rock, etc.) or something to make a
mark with (leaf print, flower, berries, etc.).

2. At least 1" tall, write the word "EXHIBITION" it could be diagonal, horizontal, at the top of
the page, at the bottom of the page, across the middle, no rules!

3. Decide where to make that mark with whatever you found outside. Think about adding
some colour.

4. Write the information 'where' and 'when' in a triangular shape.

5. Write the information 'who' and 'why' in a rectangular shape.

6. Add our contact information.

All of this was done quickly without too much planning, it was to be spontaneous and quick. We
were done in about one hour!! These are the posters, and as we didn't put our names on the work or some of the names were lightened when I attempted to remove all the scan shadows, they are anonymous!!

It is amazing what you can do just putting pen to paper and crossing your fingers!!