Saturday, July 16, 2011

June meeting

Yes! at long last a post about the June meeting! Life has finally cleared a bit of space....

Originally, our member Wendy Cowley was to lead the program about pointed pen work. Unfortunately she has had some rather severe back problems and we hope she is doing well now!!  Eileen London stepped in to help and showed an  
Origami Mini Booklet 
Thank you Eileen!!

I received two of these gems as birthday cards this month!

Enjoy the photos from the meeting - taken by Eileen and Kathleen.

As they say....... a good time was had by all!  Thank you ladies for the photos!  and Thank You Eileen! for the program!  Three cheers!!

Next up, the July meeting where no photos were taken, even though my camera sat in my bag the whole day just waiting!  I will try to remedy that...