Tuesday, June 23, 2009

June meeting

Thank you Kathleen for the photos from the June meeting! I wasn't able to attend so didn't have anything to blog about....

It was a busy meeting with sewing the newsletters, galleria and the afternoon program. The following photos are some of the meandering books created from the May meeting program.

And then on to the afternoon program, led by Louise Menard. This was another book project to get you ready for your summer getaway perhaps? A scrapbook journal for a short trip? or it could be a card for someone special.
Louise unfolding the book......

Hope everyone has a great and creative summer! Remember to keep a journal if you go away; akim cursive is a great 'hand' to letter with, best of all because no one can read over your shoulder and understand what you have written! Fill up the book you made with Louise and bring it in October to show.

If you are planning on going to the Red Deer conference next summer, the early bird registration date is July 1st, 2009!

We have exhibition pieces due in the Fall. Margot would like to return the 2008 pieces and then start to collect new work for the upcoming dates on the exhibition calendar.

*Remember* the regular meeting days are actually a guild workshop in September. We used to take over the regular dates in November for our annual workshop so it was decided we could actually do it again just a different month. The registration form was included in the Summer newsletter. Mail in date is July 6th.

If you have any outstanding articles for the Broad Edge, I'm sure the committee would love to receive them earlier than their posted deadline of August 15th!

Hmmm shaping up to be a busy calligraphic summer!!

The next regular meeting is October 10th - Origami Tag Book with Janice Woodland. See the Summer issue of the Broad Edge for supplies required.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Lettering on the Dark Side

June third and fourth were a couple of record breaking temperature days here in the Fraser Valley. They just happened to coincide with our workshop with Connie Furgason-Card, now from Sydney, BC. Even though the classroom felt more like a sauna, spirits were still high and we had a wonderful time.

Finally!! someone who brings more to a workshop than I do........oh that was Connie's desk!!

We started by trying out the different colours of gouache on our own palettes. Testing them on the assortment of black papers that we had brought. There was a selection of Canson Mi Tientes, Canson Colorline, Strathmore Artagain and Strathmore Series 400. These were test sheets to slip into a small book we were making to keep as reference. We added notes as to what we were using, pen, paper, gouache, colour, gel pen, etc.

These photos were taken randomly throughout the two days and are in no particular order really.

We learned to be frugal! don't waste that brush full of pigment! spend it on a separate sheet of whatever paper you were using and then when you get a collection of these sheets, using your 'L' pieces of matte board, you can 'frame' certain spots to add to a broadside or a greeting card. Connie has many zip lock bags full of these gems and she showed us how she uses them on her work.
It is always interesting to walk around and see how others work in a workshop setting and look at all their supplies......finding out what you 'must' have!
Some of us work much tidier than others:
Connie had purchased some Mica Paints from Brenda at LOJ........lucky for us Country Lane just happened to have a few of them for sale just downstairs!! there was a run on them and I'm sure they could have sold more if they'd had the stock.....

Watch for our September newsletter for the reports on the workshop with lots of pictures of work by participants! A wonderful two days was had by all in spite of the extreme heat and we look forward to seeing more of Connie now that she is 'in the neighbourhood', well, one ferry ride away!

See you all at the meeting on the 13th! Fun program planned, stayed tuned for the blog report!