Saturday, March 14, 2009

March meeting

With permission from Carrie Imai, Anita Boyd was able to share the Cuneiform alphabet she learned at a workshop with Carrie.

I went around the room and took photos of everyone's work. We all made very good progress with these letters! I am not going to show you everyone's here as I am also writing up the day's activities for the next Broad Edge. Here is Frank's work:

Eileen was making a meander book with today's program. Here is her title page:

Muriel tried some of Anita's suggestions about twisitng the pen to produce a bit thicker stroke, an edge to it, if you will.
Here is Sandi's work sheet:

A round of applause to Louise and her kind neighbour, Barry. They worked and produced pens for us made from doweling for the handle and doll house shingles for the nib. Thanks Louise! and Barry!

Thank you Anita! a very worthwhile program!!

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CJ Kennedy said...

That alphabet looks like fun. Dollhouse shingles and a dowel to make a pen? How clever is that.