Sunday, November 22, 2009

November pictures!

Louise introduced Joyce and asked her to tell us her have to believe this is a colourful lady!!! lots of fun.

Joyce demonstrating Copperplate for us. Not an easy hand to write on the chalkboard without a "whopperplate" pen. We had her do several small demos so we could easily see how she makes her letters.

Another small group gathers round.

Joyce works on a small light table so she can easily see the guidelines she works with.

Such concentration!!

An idea hatched at the October meeting. Louise was married just after that meeting and of course, with all she has going on in her life wasn't able to attend so we were able to plot and plan.
I thought it was Rita's idea but someone attributed to Eileen. We each were to bring a veil to wear.... I think only Fay's was the original one worn at her wedding 45 years ago.
Louise borrowed one for a picture!
And Frank made one of his extra special cakes just for Louise! Thank you Frank!!

See you all in December at the Christmas luncheon, card exchange and fun afternoon at Val's!

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CJ Kennedy said...

You guys have too much fun!