Thursday, February 4, 2010

January, preparing to celebrate Chinese New Year

At the January meeting, Kathleen provided a delectable "Dim Dum" sampling of the Chinese culture and how Gung Hei Fat Choy is celebrated and how we could all have good fortune for the coming year. Violet demonstrated a style of brush lettering dubbed 'Chopstix' and also Chinese brush painting - bamboo, grasses and orchids. Louise led us in the production of Chinese fortune cookies that were exchanged and read at the end of the session.

Violet demonstrating Chopstix.

Violet, Kathleen and Louise

The basket of fortunes waiting to be exchanged.
Thank you to Violet for supplying information about the meeting as I left before the program to go and help Devon celebrate his 30th birthday!
And Thank you to Eileen for once again taking great photos of the meeting and sharing them!

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CJ Kennedy said...

Chopstix looks like fun!