Saturday, December 17, 2016

November 2016

Sacred Geometry

In the Fall, three members travelled, against all weather odds, to the Island to take a workshop with Lorraine Douglas from Sidney. This was a fundraiser for the Esmé Davis Scholarship fund with the Fairbank Calligraphy Society. We spent a blustery wet day studying Beautiful Geometry.

You know when you go merrily along and the workshop contents speak to you and you go home and you continue to practice and play with the things you've learned and you obsess about it just a little and then! you find that you have had the best tool for the job in your studio all along and wow! you take off with it and create all kinds of fund things?! 

A bow compass with a ruling pen on one end instead of pencil lead. The possibilities open up with what you can do and what you can write with.............and you end up using Finetec gold in it on everything!


We were told to go forth and share. It seemed like an obvious choice for a program. 

Thanks to Lorraine, a new technique with lots of possibilities to use with lettering.

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