Saturday, July 1, 2017

May 2017

Monoline Lettering using a Speedball B nib

After taking a class with Coral Pearl from Portland, OR, Shannon shared some of the techniques the participants learned. Based on the Charles Rennie MacIntosh style typeface, Bungalow, and using a Speedball B nib, we went through the alphabet, lettering at about ½" high. We touched on spacing, proportions and developing a rhythm. Plant, pressure and pause factored into the way to use the nib. 

Interesting to note, Cora has been lettering since before she was a teenager. She has studied with some of the best instructors. Should your paths cross at a conference in the future, you might want to sign on for a class with her. Cora has a lot to offer! 

The B nibs were not a "go to" tool for me and I did prefer the French Blanzy Treraid nibs I inherited from Stan Jones. I just might be tempted to use them more often! 


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