Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Martin Jackson Workshop Day one

Day one, Colour Blending with Martin Jackson.
We started with a discussion of inks to use, some lightfast, some not so much! but nice to work with, i.e. Dr. Marten's , old Rotring transparent acrylic inks, etc. We started with a demonstration by Martin and then we were set loose to try what we had in ink or Martin's Magic Color inks. We also watched demos using Nicholson's Peerless watercolours, gouache and writing on black paper. A full day with lots of writing on good paper 90 lb or 140 lb watercolour paper - really has to be good quality paper or it shows, and learning and enjoyment when the inks did what they were supposed to do! Here are just a few photos taken during the day - Thanks to Eileen for taking so many and reminding me to take some too!! I am sure Eileen's report on Day one will be far more extensive when it hits the newsletter in the Spring.

Martin's demo piece - I think using Peerless Watercolors- who knew?! I have a booklet of them and haven't really done anything with them since buying them as the "must have" at an international conference, year unknown.

Martin's demo piece using gouache (I think!)

a sample of participants work - can't believe I forgot to photograph my page and I left it at the venue overnight...

Martin's demo piece on black paper, using very subtle gouache colours with a touch of Dr. Marten's Bleedproof white added.

Stay tuned for day two!

Are you impressed John?! blog entry up on the day it happened?! this was just for you! in case you were feeling left out of the action...

Please excuse my photography (Bev) as I didn't use a flash so as to not distract people. I didn't do the work justice.


CJ Kennedy said...

Photos came through nicely. Is this color blending done by loading 2 diff colors one on each side of the pen?

About us said...

No! the first one we did, we used the Magic Color inks and chose two colours. In a palette, we dropped two or three drops of colour one in the first spot, two or three drops of the same colour in the second spot and two or three drops of the second colour in the third spot AND two or three drops of the second colour in the second spot. Then add several (4 or 5 ish) drops of distilled water in each of the spots. Write a letter with the ink in the second well, your base colour; make sure it isn't *really* wet. Quickly rinse your pen and then dip into your first colour and just touch into the wet letter and you'll see the colour run in the wet, blending! When you write a whole word, then you can drop in both of your colours, randomly or in a calculated pattern along the word. Clear as mud, right? I'll get some more photos up from today and also of a couple of my words from yesterday that "worked"! That is, if our power doesn't go out tonight.... windy and stormy.

Sofia said...

Goood reading