Friday, September 17, 2010

September meeting

The September meeting program was a look at Medieval Decorated Letters and how they can translate into modern use.  Each member was given a booklet prepared by me (Bev Allen). It starts by looking at Medieval Decorated Letters and how the decoration was done. Then either using Lombardic Caps or something more modern such as Neuland, we worked on a letter that would look more modern.  It was good to know that we could accomplish this exercise in a couple of hours as I will be teaching this in Vancouver at the Westcoast Odyssey of Letters next month.

Here are some letters to give you some ideas to try:

I find them almost can lost for a time decorating them.  Originally I started them to play along with Gemma Black's challenge of "A Letter a Week".  It wasn't my intention to post them on the Letter a Week blog but just to play along.
  After working with them for awhile and finding them to be something I could take along with me as we travelled, I thought it would be a great program to share.
When I was asked to teach something at WOOL, this seemed a good idea.
Enjoy! I think most everyone had a good time at the meeting.
There was the tiniest mention of homework......a letter or a monogram on a good piece of paper. Maybe it could go along with the 'humour' quote for October's Galleria.


CJ Kennedy said...

Love these, Bev!

Bev said...

Thanks CJ! it is kind of like that "Z" word we can't mention anymore for fear of copyright laws!