Thursday, September 2, 2010


Yes, it is almost over! so sad except that it also means "back to work!" Usually guilds take the summer off but this year we experimented with a July meeting.

We decided to make the day free of any business meeting and jumped right into studying a manuscript page. This page appears in Historical Scripts by Stan Knight on the left page of B4. It is part of the Bodleian Library, Ms. Auct T. 2.26 - Jerome's Latin version of Eusebius' History of the World.  This was the basis for Ewan Clayton's class at the Chicago conference "Early Roman Uncials".  Interesting letters, no? ahhh, but we weren't looking at the main text letters, we were studying the notes in the margin!

Here is where an apology is due.... the weekend of our meeting was the weekend of my birthday, our 40th wedding anniversary and just a week before we were heading off to the UK.  I know I downloaded photos from the meeting day but I have checked all of my three computers and *poof* they seem to have disappeared!  I apologize! I have no photos to share with you from that meeting.  You will have to take my word for it........we had a great time!  I think the July meeting idea was a success and it will just be a matter of discussion to see if we would like to continue this and make it a tradition.

Late in August, we usually try and get together for lunch and a visit. Location plans changed a couple of times and it was finally decided for us to meet at Jo's house to help her with some studio decisions and have lunch there.  It was a lovely sunny day, not too hot and we had a great turn-out! you'll be sorry you missed it if you did!  And here is photographic proof with special thanks to Fay and Eileen for sharing their photos with us!

Kathleen, Bev, Marilyn, Pat (now Valley Pat not Vancouver Pat!) and Muriel

Marilyn, Pat and Muriel

Diana and Trevor

Diana and Terry

Dorothy and Diana

Jo, Diana and Trevor

Kathleen and Bev

Dorothy and Nan

Nan, Wilma, Rita, Frank and Eileen

Pat, Wilma, Frank and Terry

Rita, Trevor and Kathleen

Terry and Nan

Trevor chatting with Rita

Fay explaining to everyone about the Red Deer Cookies she had made.

Delicious cookies they were too!!
All ABC2010 participants were greeted with two cookies and the recipe at registration.

Wilma, Frank and Win

Bev, Fay, Kathleen and Jo inside Jo's new cottage studio!

And there you have it! our summer and we'll see you all shortly at our September meeting!
Enjoy the long weekend and all good thoughts for a long and warm indian summer.

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