Saturday, June 8, 2019

September Workshop 2018

Sixteen of us thoroughly enjoyed a weekend with  CORA PEARL  from Portland, OR, sharing her  BEN SHAHN LETTERS  with us. 

Cora was so well prepared and has very obviously done her research and 'homework' on these letters. The little added nuances she pointed out really helped to shape our understanding of these letterforms. 

We started with PARALLEL PEN. It really is a pen with 'training wheels', easy to get the necessary pen angles and good contrast in strokes. 

Cora made each of us a FOLDED PEN. It was our second tool to make letters with.  She also stressed proper body position.  The Nose Dive Position!

And finally, my favourite tool, the PENCIL, to draw the letterforms. We started with light lines that are easily erased until we got the correct Ben Shahn shape. After that we went back in with a fine liner to outline our shapes. 

We studied colour mixing to try for a seamless transition of colour when painting our drawn letters. We tried painting letters using basically dirty water but we actually mixed it using a bit of black gouache to get a very light grey. 

It was a very full weekend! our Thanks to Cora for stretching us! 

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