Thursday, June 29, 2023

January 2023 - The Magic of the Parallel Pen - Beyond Letters with Suzie Beringer

For anyone who has taken a workshop with Suzie or has followed her on Instagram, you know that whatever she works on, is pure magic! Her journals are amazing and her work using parallel pens is fantastic. The examples in this post are Suzie Beringer's.
We learned some of her secrets in our two day ZOOM workshop. Suzie likes to work longer than the two hours per day we have become used to on ZOOM. We wondered how we would survive but the weekend flew by in what seemed like minutes.
We used the 6.0 mm nib primarily with gray inks and watercolour. The hunt was on for the perfect gray ink! I think one of my favourites ended up being APRIL SHOWERS from Ferris Wheel Press.

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