Friday, June 30, 2023

MAY 2023 Writing your own words for lettering

We looked at different formulas for coming up with your own words to use in our calligraphic art. 

Ask yourself questions, your answers will truly be your words. Examples of questions to ask yourself: 

a. what do you see when you look outside your studio window? describe. 
b. thinking aout a walk in a forest, how did you feel? did you change the longer you spent time with the trees? 
c. what is your favourite flower? describe it in detail.
d. where have you travelled to that you would return to in a heartbeat? why is it special to you? 

Not the entire answer to any of these questions will appeal to you but there will be phrases that will want to letter. 

Another way to come up with some words is to just sit and start writing whatever comes into your head. Read through what you have written. Very often, you will have written short phrases that speak to you. 

A third way we explored was to be conscious of having all parts of speech in your sentences. Make sure to have nouns, verbs, adjectives and adverbs, etc.

A phrase that came to mind after a walk in a local forested park:
'A day spent amongst trees connects you to the earth. We need more connections to this planet.' 

Some short quotes that came from trying the second exercise: 
'Early morning light through the space in the curtain.' 
'Sunshine is hiding herself for the right moment.'

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